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The switch from an illustrious career as a fighter pilot and Commander in Iraq and Afghanistan to head of the Compliance area of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, responsible for investigating allegations of misuse of expenses by MP’s.




  • Intercepted more than 60 Russian aircraft during The Cold War.

  • Commander of UK Forces during Operations in Bosnia Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Coalition Spokesman for the UK during Gulf War 2 — interviewed by the International Media in excess of 12 hours a day including:

  • Daily interviews on Al Jazereh radio station following Chemical Ali

  • Entered politics and stood as a Parliamentary candidate in Sedgefield against Tony Blair.

  • Highly experienced media commentator on military matters.

  • Media Interrogation

  • Personal and Team Performance

  • Team Leadership and Trust

  • Critical Systems

  • Negotiation Skills


Ex-RAF Group Captain Al Lockwood, first came to public attention when he headed up the UK Media Operations for Gulf War 2.


He was the voice of the British Forces, appearing daily on television and quoted liberally in the press – frequently commentating for eight to 12 hours a day.His special regular ‘slot’ was to following ‘Chemical Ali’ on Al Jazareh TV complete with simultanious interpreter ear phones distracting him – just one of many challenges.


But his calm, reassuring voice came to epitomise the ability of our Armed Forces as they fought the battle against Saddam Hussein’s forces, and also the severe weather conditions prevalent at the time.Al had an illustrious career with the RAF as both a fighter pilot flying Tornados F3’s and Phantoms during the Cold War; in operations over Bosnia; and as a Commander in both Gulf Wars.


In Afghanistan he was Commander of Army, Navy, RAF and Special Forces in Oman – while back ‘home’ critical USA and UK political discussions were going on about Weapons of Mass Destruction.


Early retirement saw a change of direction into politics. As a Conservative Candidate he was one of David Cameron’s early A-listers, and gained fame when he stood against Tony Blair in Sedgefield in 2005 and managed second place out of 14 candidates.


The MP’s expenses scandal of 2008 changed the perception of the public in the integrity of our elected members of Parliament.


Al was tasked with setting up the Compliance area – the body responsible for investigating allegations of misue of expenses - within the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority which governed the way MP’s expenses are now paid.

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