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In Command is an ethical organisation that respects the diverse needs and cultures of our global client base. We are sensitive to issues of culture, religion, gender, race and political affiliations.


We value our approach and total support of equal opportunities. In the commercial world we offer business and industry leaders the opportunity to work together with highly trained men and women from business specialisations and military backgrounds to look at your business through a different lens.


Our highly trained experts all have international experience and many enjoyed hugely successful second careers in business. They understand how business works and operates. Those of our team from a military background have spent 80 per cent of their careers being trained. They are now sharing that training to help business leaders appraise dilemmas, assess risk, decide on action and respond in the most ethical and appropriate ways to achieve their aims. In support of a client’s commercial confidentiality we keep all client documentation and records secure to prevent third party disclosure.


We support the benefits of personal development, training and career progression utilising some of the most qualified personnel who train global leaders. At the same time we respect professional boundaries by not encroaching into personal areas. We are transparent about all coaching techniques.


Our military speakers are all achievers and inspire and stimulate new thinking that effect behavioural change, encourage higher performance, engender team work and better communications – or simply entertain.


Business is increasingly recognising the skills of the military and turning their recruitment sights onto bright, ambitious and skilled personnel to tackle performance, leadership, logistical, engineering and Cyber security roles. Our special military events are fully covered by public liability and personal insurance.

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