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The Aviation Experience can be a one or two day programme designed to inspire and hone leadership skills. Emphasis is placed on self-awareness to enable individuals to focus on their own requirements and incorporate those skills into the important Top Team Performance development. The course includes study and testing as well as a practical aerobatic flying experience for assessment in planning, team trust and fast thinking decision-making.


There is an early start to visit the world’s only aerobatic flying display team certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to carry fee-paying passengers.


This offers the ultimate aerobatic excitement with pilots that have served in front-line military operations who have been selected to fly with the elite and world renowned Red Arrows aerobatic display team.


Over the next day and a half you will be involved in activities ranging from pre-flight instruction and simulator experience to problem solving on missions using assets from helicopters to hovercraft. Specifically, any or all of the following physically or mentally demanding events could be utilised.


One or Two Day Event


Day One


Reception, dinner and an overnight stay at 15th Century Baronial Rushden Hall.


After Dinner talk by a distinguished achiever such as the truly inspirational RAF Speed King, Wing Commander Andy Green, the World Land Speed Record Holder (763 mph) and the only man to have gone supersonic on land. Andy will be attempting to reach 1000 mph in his new Typhoon engine powered rocket car, Bloodhound, on a specially prepared desert race track at Hakskeen Pan in South Africa in 2015 (currently 12 miles of three mile wide track being cleared by indigenous community supporters).


Andy has a first class honours degree from Oxford University and has a remarkable mathematical brain. He was selected for the task from 60 applicants and given endurance and brain power tests where he was kept awake with intricate pilot-style mental and physical response tests for 24 hours. He will take you through the incredible four year preparation programme: the build and testing of the car, his personal vision and the intricacies of his risk assessment process. He will also talk about his day job as a Wing Commander in the RAF and Captain of the Royal Air Force team that takes part – and are often the Inter Services Champions – of the annual Cresta Ski run – the most challenging ski-run in the world.


Day Two


A typical day could include:


  • 0800 hours arrive at Royal Air Force Cranwell (subject to approval) or another local airfield.

  • Attend briefing by the mentors on the day’s activities.

  • Leadership exercises, tasks and discussions.

  • Flying in a simulator.

  • Single seat hovercraft experience

  • Flying with the Aerobatic Team in two seater aircraft.


All of the above experiences will be unique, challenging and unforgettable. The actual programme will be determined by weather conditions.


Team members will learn the importance of trust, overcoming fear, confidence in their team – totally necessary as the course will include flying upside down in formation just a few feet apart from team mates.


  • Light crew room style lunch.

  • After your flying experience you will attend the gruelling team debrief and learn how to admit your mistakes in front of your peers – testing authentic military-style.

  • This course will deliver exceptional high level and tangible results that you can utilise in your own business theatres.

  • You will experience the crew room banter and war stories shared amongst these pilots – many of whom have flown special missions in extreme hostile surroundings and been recognised with the highest awards of distinction such as the Distinguished Service Order or Distinguished Flying Cross.


  • Possible Extension to the Aviation Programme (Subject to Approval)

  • Visit the tri-service Defence Academy at Royal Air Force Shrivenham, Gloucestershire.

  • Briefing and discussions on leadership training with senior Defence Academy staff. Guest will experience the ‘cerebral’ exercises used to train potential Global Leaders held over the course of two years.

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