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Ideally this is a residential experience over at least two days. Our officers will adapt the programme to incorporate business requirements. Observation Reports will be issued to each participant at the end of the programme.


Two Day Event


Day One: A full day of physical and intellectual competition.

  • Deployment in Operation 'Hero' Phase One.

  • Evening: Tour of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst - The History of Leadership.

  • Developing High Performance Teams - Guest Speaker with Operational Military Experience.


Day Two: Briefing, Training and Planning Phase.

  • Deployment in Operation 'Hero' Phase Two - RMACS and Barossa Training Area.

  • A Day of Activities with a Difference.

  • Results and Prize-Giving.


Bespoke Programme

A thrilling first day where your members will be put through challenging cerebral tutorial and behavioral analysis, followed by physical and mental tests of character, survival skills and fitness led by frontline British Army officers. This is a day designed especially to test your physical and mental abilities under stress.


The Officers are confident that the experience will have a direct and positive impact back at your workplace.


All kit is provided, but you will have to bring your own ankle support boots. All participants will have to undergo a fitness test before attempting the course.




  • 08.00 hours: Start at Camberley, Surrey at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, the home of British Army officer training.

  • Bespoke military/business strategy briefing, training and planning phase.

  • Delegates are introduced to maps, compasses, radios and fieldcraft.

  • The Ten Principles of War applied to business.

  • Using the British Army's Principles of War, delegates learn some of the key precepts of military leadership philosophy.


Working in teams of five you will experience a programme that exposes leadership, followership and team-working lessons that the Army has honed over centuries – all based in the magnificent and inspiring environment of the Royal Military Academy.


Phases include:

  • Kitting out and pre-briefing.

  • On completion, the group deploy by vehicle to the 2,000 acre training area where they embark on a series of challenging tasks.

  • An unfolding hostage scenario where one of the team will be ‘captured by terrorists’.

  • Whilst completing tasks designated by their Higher Commander, a crisis emerges over the radio: a member of friendly forces has been taken hostage following an exchange of fire.

  • Multiple team work.

  • A free-flowing scenario ensues: the hostage site must be observed and live information fed up the chain; contact has to be established with a member of Special Forces who passes vital information and equipment to enable completion of the rescue.

  • How will the teams deploy to best use resources? How will the commander co-ordinate? Will individuals wait to be told or will they seize the day?

  • When they decipher the time code giving them the window, will they be poised having thought ahead? Will they make the deadline?

  • Evacuate the hostage on foot over hostile terrain – several kilometres, including the tough assault course which may include aerial obstacles, rafting, and plenty of blood sweat and tears!


Late Afternoon:

  • Teams have chance to ‘decompress’.

  • Tour of the Academy.

  • A chance to look around the historic buildings and absorb some of the history.

  • Military speaker (an SAS Commander with operational experience).



  • Full Prestige Black Tie Mess Dinner in one of the Academy’s 19th Century Halls in Old College.

  • You will be joined by Academy Staff who currently instruct tomorrow’s leaders who will be taking you through your paces on Day 2.

  • Enjoy a truly memorable formal event in full military style.

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