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In today’s complex markets, companies are looking for the innovation, flexibility and strategy that will give them the edge to compete more effectively than before and expand into new markets.


Leaders understand the growing demands of a technology enabled business climate which means core growth initiatives must be led with a greater degree of skill and business ethics. This requires a fresh look at how organisations operate their business: enabling their teams, remaining astute and being aware of both corporate and social challenges. Ultimately keeping pace with change.


Success is a planned event. Leaders need the best thinking and approach to take their organisations to the next level. Increasingly such leaders are turning to In Command to help solve critical business issues and apply principles and learning that are results and performance driven.


Improving Corporate Decision Making

There are hidden factors in behaviour, risk and uncertainty that drive attitudes to decision making. Decisions are strongly controlled by human emotion and skewed attitudes to risk. Corporate uses and abuses of risk management and the impact of irrationality can mean the difference between success and failure.


Our esteemed business mentors, with a history in the global financial services sector, together with a selection of military coaches who understand the risks associated with planning complex operations, provide thought provoking views on risk and uncertainties and the relationship between information and time horizons – the foundation of good planning. Drawing on a number of disciplines, including complex behaviour economics, our mentors look at winners and losers and discuss the conclusions with your team.


Business Ethics – Internal

Ethics forms the soul of a business. It is what gives those who work for a business a sense of commitment, passion and belief in what they do.


Our business and military specialists help you to look at why – and how – ethical business can be more effective and profitable.


Based on the Ten Principles of War, this critical business issue will equip employees and top management to evaluate what they need to do to strengthen their business and establish a blueprint of the values that bind everyone together.


We will work with your team to assess what is already working well in your organisation and what needs to be improved and transformed into action.


Business Ethics – External

A company that has a strong ethical core with clear common values can be a greater force in the way it approaches business.


Consumers, clients, shareholders, employees and agents are increasingly aware of the ethical behaviour of businesses and the impact on corporate reputation. Corporate reputation has been proven to have a direct effect on ‘bottom line value’, representing around 70 per cent or more of an organisation’s worth.


Maximising Cross-Cultural Relationships

Dealing with international clients, mergers and acquisitions, suppliers, influencers and multi-national employees requires highly skilled practices and specialist systems in place. These measures will enable corporates to address issues arising from differences in geographical, corporate and gender cultures.


At In Command we provide key global advisors who have spent a life-time on military and civilian cross-cultural issues and inter-cultural complexities. These can include misunderstandings, ineffective management, dispirited teams and lack of business growth.


Using solutions focused frame-works, we provide core quality military and business assessments to understand your company’s strengths and challenges. We review complex and multi-national issues which can be used to arrive at needs-specific cultural coaching, consulting or group facilitating solutions for clients.


Persuasive Communications

Delivering your corporate presentation or sales proposition represents a significant opportunity to succeed in persuading an audience to agree to a deal.


Utilising the skills of a leading technology TV programme presenter and a global communications military leader, we review your roles, ‘horizon scanning’ to seek potential issues facing your company. We consider the varying concerns of different stakeholders.


Planning your headline and key messages for specific audiences is given fine tuning to ensure your presentation hits all the right buttons.


A high profile actor who starred in the film, The King’s Speech, offers voice training and verbal impact tuition to ensure that presenters capitalise on advanced delivery techniques when you next have to make an important speech. Top military leaders who have faced the world’s media every morning and evening train you to deal with difficult questioning and bad news.

Britain needs a real push.

The sort of spirit that comes in a war. It needs people really to want to see it as an economic power again.


Ratan Tata UK, India Advisory Group, Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Steel, quoted in The Times Magazine

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