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Recruitment in Command specialise in working with the private sector to discreetly identify, source and select specialist military and aviation professionals for a wide variety of positions within national and multi-national corporations.


The war on talent has never been so intense and Recruitment in Command helps businesses to recognise the broader and deeper leadership, technical experience and specialisations ex-service personnel have acquired.


These people have worked in some of the most challenging environments throughout the world and undergone extensive training. Many officers will have spent more than 70 per cent of their time in the forces training in specialisations.


They represent a highly experienced ready-made workforce.Among their skills are an ability to apply strategic thought processes at the highest level, assess risk and problem areas, develop practical solutions, deliver precision-based outputs, offer advanced leadership skills and specialisations to counter attack in business – such as Cyber warfare - and other critical business issues that help businesses to grow – such as cross cultural relationships.


We provide a discrete and holistic approach to human capital requirement whether that is Executive Search or high level Interim Management.Our network of military contacts across the full range of business requirements – including high level industry contacts- create a powerful blend in the war for high skill-based talent.


As the global economy becomes more competitive and uncompromising these military skills are recognised by many businesses and industries today.


Many global organisations have utilised this valuable resource and facilitated highly successful second careers for the candidates.


In Command is more than supply and demand. It is a guarantee of quality, integrity, professionalism and results.

Ali McKay

Former Fast Jet Pilot, Retail Director Waitrose and Deputy Chairman John Lewis Partnership


After a 25 year career in the Royal Airforce and an equally enjoyable 18 year career in The John Lewis Partnership, I am acutely aware of the many skills that can be comfortably transferred from public service to the private sector.


Military officers are able to draw on a wide range of experience including leading teams in challenging environments and dealing with complex and difficult decisions whilst adhering to the highest standards of discipline and governance. People skills are well developed and this is coupled with an ability to relate to work colleagues at all levels.


All this generates leaders with a high level of emotional intelligence which in turn creates a climate in which communication, information sharing, trust and measured risk-taking flourish.


Whether it be on the shop floor or the Boardroom, modern business thrives on team players who possess these qualities."

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