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In business, today’s extremely challenging, unpredictable and constantly changing global environment is dictating internal change. Every organisation and enterprise has to adapt and evolve as society moves forward.


In such an environment, effective leadership is critical to success. People at every level of an organisation need to find inspiration, confidence and energy from their leaders in order to generate optimum performance.


Leadership and the art of motivating people to give of their best are tested to the extremes in the military. To make success repeatable, the military has invested centuries of thinking in shaping and developing its leaders. Tapping into this body of knowledge, which has enabled our Armed Forces to keep one step ahead of the competition, provides business with new insights and fresh ideas.


To act as a framework, In Command has identified five key Critical Issues in Performance which can be adapted to suit your requirements to drive your competitive edge, motivate and retain staff or deliver change and generate innovation.


Dynamic Corporate Performance

There may be a number of reasons why your business is not performing as you would wish. If your employees are not aligned with the corporate vision and mission, or morale or trust is low, the situation can be rectified by applying carefully selected British military techniques. These strategies can improve alignment, engender a culture of empowerment and trust, and inculcate clear and unambiguous communication.


Our leaders help create a dynamic corporate structure encouraging intelligent co-operative action which, in turn, will foster initiative and creative thinking to generate cost savings and new income streams.


High Performance in a Data Rich Environment

Access to data is easy. Accessing the right data in a timely and efficient manner is not as easy. In an environment increasingly defined by ‘big data’, those who know how to efficiently manipulate it will lead and dominate their domains.


The ability to perform your decision-action loop competently and faster than your opponent is what gives you the edge in combat, and in business.


Our military professionals have been developing techniques for ten years to ensure high performance in a data rich environment, techniques which have trained those at the cutting edge of modern combat where the cognitive skills to create battle winning levels of situational awareness dictate success or failure.


In business it is no different – seeing, seeking, deciding, and acting are critical – acquiring these skills allows you to sense and control the environment ahead of your competitors.


Self-Awareness for High Performance

High performance individuals have a very clear idea of who they are, what drives them and how they affect others. At In Command we help individuals with low self-awareness to become committed to stated goals and make best use of their skills to exploit potential.


Working with a human performance expert and specialist Royal Air Force associated coaches, In Command can provide a system for military pilots to enhance self-awareness. We have adapted this system to help people in business improve their individual performance and contribute fully to their organisation’s success.


High Performance in a Stressful World

Executives are selected with the expectation of high sustained performance, regardless of environmental stress. Maintaining high performance is critical for the growth and survival of a business – but occasionally the pressure becomes overwhelming and people of all positions can start to under-perform. Frequently they succumb to long-term health issues.


If potential signs of stress or potential stressful situations can be recognised at an early stage they can be arrested. Aircrew Performance Coaching can provide stress tolerance applications in the business world. This unique regime, which also utilises sport psychology, focuses on developing types of behaviour that lead to stress tolerant individuals.


Effective Leadership – Military Style

Wars are won and lost on the strength of morale, confidence and trust between leaders and followers at all levels. Business is no different.


You cannot lead if people don’t have the trust and confidence of your people and your customers. Without this, your business suffers.


Generating energy, enthusiasm and commitment, people need confidence in their leaders, common values and a shared sense of purpose. Orders and discipline only go so far: belief and motivation are among the critical elements of success.


Find out how senior military commanders communicate their vision and values throughout an organisation. Allow them to help you set and achieve objectives and uncover the inherent energy among your people. Discover how to foster belief and commitment throughout your team.


The Economist

'Business has much to learn from the Armed Forces'


Companies that complain that they cannot find people with the right mixture of drive and experience have only themselves to blame if they miss the arsenal of talent.

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