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Wing Commander Andy Green became the fastest man on earth in 1997 and remains the current holder of the World Land Speed Record and the first person ever to drive at supersonic speeds reaching 763.035 mph (MACH .016) in Thrust SSC. Working with Richard Noble he now plans to do it all again in 2012, breaking his own record and attempting to take the Bloodhound SSC (supersonic car) beyond the 1,000 mph barrier - making it faster than a speeding bullet. In 2006 he drove the JCB Dieselmax car at a remarkable 350.092 mph on the Bonnerville Salt Flats, Utah to take the Diesel Land Speed Record. In 2011 Andy achieved the crown as the RAF team captain Cresta Run — the most challenging ice run in the world.




Andy Green graduated with first class honours in mathematics from Worcester College, Oxford. He has always had a love of speed and after gaining an RAF scholarship he trained as a fighter pilot on Phantoms and Tornados and became Officer Commanding Operations at RAF Wittering. He also commanded Royal Air Force operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He appeared in the New Year’s Honours list in 1997 and Created an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. In the same year he received the Seagrave Trophy by the Royal Automobile Club and in 2006 he was awarded the John Cobb Trophy by the British Racing Drivers’ Club for a success of outstanding character. Two years later he received an Honorary degree from Staffordshire University.

Andy Green is a dynamic and inspirational man. He has learned about ‘holding nerve’ in just about everything he tackles from operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to the world-class challenges he sets himself on land and on ice.He is a winner.


Now he has been given special dispensation to apply his unique talent to the latest BLOODHOUND SSC initiative to drive at 1,000 mph and has embarked on a project giving motivational talks to school leavers to try to encourage them to take up engineering as a career.


But the project is by no means a sole venture.


Andy Green is working closely together with his friend Richard Noble OBE, who held the land speed record from 1983 to 1997 and founded the original Project Thrust supersonic record breaking car project.


The challenge they have set themselves is not based on a personal adrenalin indulgence but on a sound concern first put to them by Britain’s Ministry of Defence, who asked if they could devise an ‘iconic’ project that would inspire school children to become passionate about science and technology.


The result is BLOODHOUND SSC.

Promethean, one of the most high profile sponsors of the initiative, is already supplying interactive tools to help schools and colleges keep track of the programme. Now the team has to prove itself and its ingenuity in raising the further £4 + million pounds needed to complete the funding of the project.

A recent advertisement in The Times newspaper they lay down the gauntlet for volunteer help:-"PEOPLE WANTED To clear desert track for 1,000 mph racing car. No wages, constant heat, tough work in beautiful but remote Hakskeen Pan, Northern Cape, South Africa. Scorpions may be present. Inspiring the next generation of engineers the reward"

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