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FRSA Business Strategy & Risk Adviser, Broadcaster, Author and Speaker




Gerald Ashley has a long career background in international finance having worked for a merchant bank and a central bank, in London, Hong Kong & Basel Switzerland.


He currently acts as advisor to major companies, banks and governments on improving decision making and risk taking skills. He has advised on decision making processes, risk attitudes, behaviour and perceptions; and how understanding uncertainty can help innovation.His work has taken him to over 25 countries, where he has advised board level executives, corporate strategy teams, central banks, senior government officials arid commercial banks.He is also an experienced and entertaining after dinner speaker.




25 years experience in international finance in London, Hong Kong & Basel.


10 years hands on experience as a strategy and risk adviser.


Key note speaker and moderator at events all over the world.


A Visiting Fellow at Newcastle Business School.Author of numerous books including two on decision making, risk taking and business change.Frequent appearances on television and radio in the UK, Europe and North America.

Gerald Ashley's particular interest is in the nature of change and how individuals and groups react to it and what are the most appropriate management tools and strategies.


This includes applying concepts from behavioural economics and complexity science when advising businesses on their decision-making and risk taking strategies.


In addition Gerald's work concentrates on practical advice for decision makers on how to understand the big trend changes in business; and how our own biases and behaviour affect the way we either succeed or fail in new environments.


His aim is to educate people to understand how they and others approach future challenges and how they can improve their performance as individuals and as groups.


Gerald is an accomplished public speaker to both large and small audiences, and is available to speak on business strategy, financial markets, risk and investor behaviour, and related topics; in particular he concentrates on their impact on management strategy and decision making in business and finance.With his thirty years experience in business, finance and markets, he is a witty and entertaining raconteur with a well developed sense of humour.


Gerald has a number of powerful insights and tools to help people understand the biases and seemingly irrational behaviour of financial markets and its participants.He is also an experienced chairman of conferences, seminars and panel events; and has chaired events all over the world for a wide variety of clients.


Gerald is a Visiting Fellow at Newcastle Business School and a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts

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