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A member of the Parachute Regiment, a Royal Marine and an Officer in 45 Commando.


John Burbidge-King has experienced combat, and observed International bribery and crime in his career. He now advises global Governments and business on how to combat bribery, corruption and fraud.Now he has been given special dispensation to apply his unique talent to the latest BLOODHOUND SSC initiative to drive at 1,000 mph and has embarked on a project giving motivational talks to school leavers to try to encourage them to take up engineering as a career.But the project is by no means a sole venture.


Andy Green is working closely together with his friend Richard Noble OBE, who held the land speed record from 1983 to 1997 and founded the original Project Thrust supersonic record breaking car project.




During his military career, serving throughout the Middle East, Eastern Africa and Northern Ireland, John has experienced the tough life. He has come face-face on many occasions, with financial terrorism and the many sides of corruption. Capitalising on his precision training, focus and attention to detail, he is utilising his experiences to advise corporate businesses and Governments around the world on how to safeguard their reputations and mitigate risks related to bribery, corruption and fraud.


After leaving the Military, John turned to an international corporate business career. Working in senior positions in banking electronics, biometrics currency and security printing for De La Rue. He lived for two years in Bahrain and speaks Arabic and a little Russian.

Not all businesses realise that they have a corporate responsibility to ensure that that they can demonstrate ‘adequate procedures’ are in place to reduce the risk of bribery, corruption and fraud. The Bribery Act 2010 takes the UK to the forefront of implementing International legal standards to combat all three aspects of threat to a business operation.


If businesses fail to provide this evidence of ‘adequate procedures’ it can result in criminal conviction; unlimited fines, significant reputation damage, potential debarment form all UK Government contracts in UK and US and under the Proceeds of Crime Act, confiscation of the entire value of the benefit gained.


John and his team provide the Risk Assessment and Board level and executive guidance on embedding a culture of ethical business values.The coaching team addresses the challenges of diverse cultural differences and disciplines, providing practical solutions for implementation of suitable anti-bribery procedures. Most companies throughout the world have established third party services; setting up joint-ventures and coping with mergers and acquisitions. Each one of these relationships represents a threat and has inherent risks.


John Burbidge-King is a superb orator and an inspiration leader. He can expose an organisations’ weakness and provide solutions to correct those loopholes. He gave evidence to the Joint Parliamentary Committee considering the draft Bribery Bill (now the Bribery Act 2010), and sits on a British Standards Institute Committee.

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