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Director of Personal Development at Aston Business School


On an ultra low-level daylight mission on the first day of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq on 17th January 1991, Jon Peters was shot down by a shoulder-launched SAM SA 14 missile. He was captured and he and his co-pilot, John Nichol, were subjected to seven weeks of mental and physical torture — including pistol whipping and facing mock executions. He came close to death.


Miraculously he has re-invented himself as an inspiring business consultant specializing in leadership, team development, change programmes and communications skills.




Fast jet fighter pilot and Tornado Instructor Pilot.Led programmes on Safety and Human Error in Aviation whilst at MoD.Gained Master’s Degree in Business Administration.Director of Performance at Aston MBA Business School.One of the country's best Motivational Speakers.

John Peter’s bruised and battered photograph was broadcast to the world in January 1991, after he had been shot down over Iraqi territory whilst flying a British Tornado bomber with his navigator John Nichol. That was on the first day of the First Gulf War.


It was his disfigured image that became a potent symbol of Saddam Hussein’s ruthless aggression. His dramatic and sometimes harrowing experiences reach deep into our innermost minds, showing us how we can overcome even our worst fears and nightmares. He endured torture and interrogation testing him to the absolute limit and bringing him close to death.


Today, John’s innate sense of humour ensures his audiences see the lighter side of his extreme experiences. In 1997 he completed a Masters degree in business administration at Leicester University and was promoted to Squadron Leader.Later in his RAF career, John worked within MoD and led programmes on leadership, safety and human error in aviation.


This resulted in him initiating Human Factors Cultural Change Programme that was awarded a Flight International Aerospace Industry Award for Training and Safety.John has extensive international TV, radio, PR and media experience. He presents a roller-coaster ride. You will believe that you were there!Since retiring from RAF, John has written two best-selling books and the television documentary ‘Tornado Down’ won Independent Documentary of the Year and was a BAFTA Award Nominee.


He is currently writing a book on Leadership and as Director of Performance for the Executive MBA at Ashton Business School has just designed a new Executive MBA programme; a Fellow of Kingston Business School and Henley Business School and a former Chair of the Association of MBAs. In addition he runs the Leadership module on the EMBA at the Academy of National Economic in Moscow.


Working with senior business teams who are experiencing their own version of hostilities in today’s challenging market place, John utilises his highly tuned communications skills to correlate his experiences in ‘uncertainty, organisational learning, leadership, trust and success’.

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