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“Preparing for the Perfect Performance-Applying the Ten Principles of War to Executive Media Handling”.


After Peter left the RAF he worked for Airbus as Head of Defence Capability Marketing promoting Airbus’ military aircraft. Peter realised that by combining the long experience of his fellow civil aviation marketers with the military concepts and disciplines he had learned in the RAF, they would measurably enhance their performance when they had to “front up” to often hostile questioning by the world’s media.


Peter’s presentation shows how, In preparation for any media interview, executives can use ‘The Ten Principles of War” as an excellent structure on which to build a compelling and persuasive performance.




As a Vulcan Bomber captain, awarded the Air Force Cross by HM Queen for valuable service in the air winning 2 international bombing competitions in successive years.As Senior Directing Staff at the RAF Advanced Staff College coached both UK and international students in written and spoken communication skills.


As Commanding Officer No 101 Squadron VC 10 Air-to-Air-Refuelling Tankers involved in operations over Iraq, and Bosnia-and-Herzogovinia.As Branch Chief for NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe coordinated Allied force deployments into Kosovo.


As Senior Air Force Officer in UK Defence Export Services Organisation supported UK industry marketing campaigns world-wide.As Head of Defence Capability Marketing Department. Airbus Military, planned and Implemented global marketing campaigns including the preparation and giving of regular TV and radio interviews, press briefings, and international conferences.

As an ex-RAF Group Captain with extensive operational experience “in the front line” of hostilities, Peter Scoffham contributed markedly to the effectiveness of Airbus Military Marketing Department by combining his military training and skills with his natural ability of persuasive communication spiced by his good-natured sense of humour.As Head of Defence Capability Marketing for Airbus Military, Peter regularly gave briefings to the world’s media – often having to counter adverse comments and negatively-phrased questioning.


But by continually practising media handling techniques with his team of fellow marketeers and by drawing on the training he had received over his career in the RAF, he was been able to turn hostile interrogations to advantage – indeed often “wrong-footing” ill-prepared antagonistic journalists.


Peter’s calm manner, sense of humour, deep knowledge of his subject, and his communication skills based on military concepts and principles enabled him to tackle the most difficult media situations – such as following announcements of aircraft programmes slipping “to the right”, technology proving more difficult than anticipated and the corresponding escalation of costs – and turning such situations to the company’s advantage.


After some 8 years with Airbus Military – during which he was often referred to as “the face of Airbus Military” – Peter has now joined the “Speakers in Command” team and in addition to his responsibilities as a Director of the Company, he gives presentations in his own right as part of the “Speaker Bank” focusing on how executives can “face the media” with confidence knowing that they will not be turning a difficult commercial situation into a media disaster.

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