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First Englishman to succeed in Flying Glider over the Andes to Argentina at 27,000ft and at -60 degrees Fahrenheit over Mount Aconcagua in 1996.


Aviation Expert and Aviation Historian - 100 Years of Flight. Boardroom Leadership. Driving Down Costs. Executive Development.




A distinguished flying career with over 8,500 hours of private flying in 188 aircraft types.Embarked on a hugely successful second career in business as Group Support Executive to Sir Michael Marshall, CBE, Chairman and Chief Executive of the privately-owned global aeronautical, motor group of businesses and Cambridge Airport Company.Marshalls Group employs approximately 4.000 people.


Author and media commentator, including recently the effects of volcanoes on aircraft.

His love of all things aeronautical drove Terry Holloway to join the Royal Air Force as an Engineering Apprentice at RAF Halton in 1962.


He received his Commission four years later and served in a wide variety of Royal Air Force appointments in UK and abroad. Terry’s capabilities were recognised with the rank of Group Captain at the age of 42.


Utilising his engineering, logistics, processors and methodology skills he grasped the opportunity to transfer to the business environment after serving in RAF for 34 years, and joined the Marshall Group of Companies. The Group is the UK’s leading privately owned independent aerospace and automotive company and owners of Cambridge Airport.He is responsible for marketing, public relations, community activities and special projects across the diverse global group and has helped it to become the £1 billion turnover company that it is today.


A keen pilot who flew light aircraft and gliders throughout his career, he obtained his Private Pilot’s Licence in 1963 and is a life member of the Royal Air Force Gliding and Soaring Association. Among many other private interests and honorary positions, Terry is Vice Chairman of The Air League, and is a liveryman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators.In addition to Leader of the Expedition in the month long, high risk glider flight over the Andes to Argentina, (scattered with many aircraft and pilots who had not succeeded), Terry further displayed his endurance capabilities and flying when he accomplished a solo light aircraft flight from Cambridge to Seattle in 2000, and a flight to the north of Norway in 2005.


He celebrated the 50th anniversary of his first solo flight on 21st March 2011.Recognised as an aviation expert and aviation historian, he regularly appears on TV and on radio to talk about topical aviation matters, and is frequently guest speaker on cruise ships talking about a wide range of aviation topics, including the Development of the Jet Engine, Unusual Flying Machines, the Genius of R J Mitchell and Flying Boats.


As a University Business Academic, Terry is invited to talk to a number of Cambridge University Departments, which has included the Judge Institute of Engineering, Lake Forest and Rutgers University in the USA and to some MBA courses.

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