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What sort of leader do you like to follow?

THE TYRANT – Leads by fear, accepts no inputs or ideas from subordinates and treats such as dissent to be quelled without remorse.

THE DICTATOR – “My way or the highway” is often their philosophy. While they may appear to accept ideas from subordinates their ideas will always prevail.

THE CRITIC – No matter how well you’ve done a task they could always have done it better, quicker, cheaper. They will often set-up their subordinates for a fall – “Get me a coffee will you?” “Sure what do you want?” “Oh, anything, I don’t mind” “Here it is” “I didn’t want espresso; you should have got me a latte!”

THE MOUSE – You generally only know that they’re at work because their car is in the parking space or their office lights are on. Rarely interacts with the workforce. Gives no direction or advice.

THE MICRO-MANAGER – Sets you a task and then insists on telling you exactly how to do it and when to do things. Always carries a very long screwdriver to poke into things; in fact they do so much of the task and make so many of the decisions that you might as well not be there.These leaders have one thing in common: if it all goes wrong you can be assured that it will all be your fault!Bad leaders have their uses though: we can learn a lot if not more from studying the habits and methods of bad leaders than from good leaders.

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